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Youth Unity Foundation- A NGO makes its website more responsive, user friendly and uses Google Analytics to attract more visitors.

Youth Unity Foundation is a non-governmental organization working to strengthen unity among-st youth of India. Our mission is to unite youth of India to foster development of society and country as a whole. To achieve our mission, we need to connect up with youth across nation and take initiatives to make them participate in events organized by the foundation for the welfare of society and county at large. We aim at empowering unemployed and underemployed youth by providing them education and career counseling. Our programs include career counseling sessions, vocational skill development session, spreading awareness among-st youth about various social norms that need to be worked about to make society a better place to live. We also engage into activities like providing education to different age-groups of underprivileged sections of society to help them learn, grow and hence develop along with our developing economy.

Youth Unity Foundation identified that their website was drawing less traffic, non-responsive to different form factors and non-attractive to visitors. Primarily their website had following problems:
* Poor Quality Design.
* E-mail Address Exposed.
* Fails W3C Markup Validation.
* Broken Links.
* No Mobile Version.
* Slow Web Servers.
* Non-specific Page Titles.

Your business’ website is one of the most critical meeting points between you and your customers. It is one of your sales team working 24/7 and can reach thousands of potential customers at once. Digital Yogi worked from scratch on the website and build a website so that it is perfect from top to bottom. We also ensured that the best technology is used under the hood so that the website performs at its peak. Digital Yogi made Integration with social media channels to encourage the social sharing of content. Websites was built to be Google friendly by adhering to Google’s best practices. Page layouts optimized to work well on mobile devices as well as desktop (responsive design). We added Google Analytics to the website to track the website.

In terms of functionality, we now have a responsive site which allows users a consistently satisfying experience across all platforms. It delivers all content and functionality and ensures a pleasing and
effective consumer journey.

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